Sam Kent, of the wonderful Zoo Studios, is Hove's Member of the Month! We asked Sam a few questions about his business and all things inbetween... Keep reading to find out more!

Please describe your business! 

Zoo Studios is a creative design agency based in Brighton and Hove. We develop beautiful responsive websites, build apps, create stunning digital designs, animations and more. We’ve been running for 11 years (wow, that flew by!)

We work with a wide range of clients from independent production companies, big brands (Nikon, Sellotape and Universal Music) to cool tech startups. We’re a full-service agency that offers website design, branding, web/app development, digital strategy, SEO, animation and even film production. 

Do you work alone/ how big is your team?

This depends on the scale of the project. In most cases, I produce all the graphic design and website development myself. For larger projects, I have an awesome team of freelancers I turn to.

What factors made you work for/ set up for the business?

Picking my clients, hours and office space are all reasons why I set up the business. The biggest motivation to start the business would have to be building something that I’m really proud of and working with clients that I love!

Why have you chosen to work in a co-working community?

Apart from the free beer and biscuits? Networking with other businesses to find new opportunities, having space between home and work and meeting some lovely people along the way. The most important benefit from working at Freedom Works is the Community here!

Why do you think your business is successful?

I offer a high-quality, bespoke service with great attention to detail. My clients enjoy working with me as I’m super responsive, creative and have excellent technical knowledge in a number of fields. In 2-5 years time I aim to be growing my client base, learning more programming languages and getting involved with some bigger tech brands (like Google). Who inspires me? I love getting inspiration from places like Codepen and Dribbble

Where do you network? LinkedIn, Freedom Works and the occasional networking event. 


Okay Sam, time for some random quick-fire questions now… Let’s go

What would you put into Room 101? Autotuned pop music! 

What/ where is your favourite hangout? Our couch at home with my wife, Fern and cat Winnie. 

Where is your favourite place where you live? The living room. 

If you won the lottery, what would you spend it on and why? A music studio, grand piano and cinema. 

If you could take any three people to lunch, who would it be and why?

Steve Jobs - I’d love to get an insight into his mind. 

Fatboy Slim - He’s my hero and I’d love to talk music production with him. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger - What a legend. Nuff said. 

If you were remembered for only one thing, what would it be? My positive vibes and hairdo. 


Thank you Sam for being Hove’s Member of the Month! You and your partner in crime, Fern (who was FW Member of the Month last month) truly ROCK! 

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