A brand new business to business growth portal is about to be launched with the sole purpose of helping Sussex businesses like you bounce back as quickly as possible from the impact of COVID-19.

www.areainaction.co.uk is a new online service through which any Sussex based business can list themselves as a supplier, showcasing your services and experience to other local businesses who have a particular project or requirement.

As a local business you are also able to list a project or requirement you have and your fellow local businesses who offer a relevant service are then able to respond to your briefs through the portal.

Any responses you particularly like you can then take offline to continue the conversation.

Area In Action is there to help you make connections with, win business or receive services from other businesses local to you. Keeping business to business spend within our area is the best possible way of helping the Sussex economy get going again, support local and help the environment by reducing travel.

As part of a soft launch phase Area In Action is reaching out to the members of as many local business groups as possible to ask you to register yourself as a supplier and list any projects or requirements you currently have you are looking for help with.

It is simple to register and completely free. Your contact details are only shared with successful applicants to any briefs you list.

Please head to www.areainaction.co.uk now if you would like to work with more businesses in your area. Help us get this new initiative up and running.
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