Finally we are moving into a more consistent and positive direction in regards to lockdown and Covid-19 cases as a nation. Admittedly there is a lot of speculation throughout media sources from national newspapers to statistic savvy websites but one thing we know for sure is that each and everyday we are seeing fewer new cases and lifted restrictions in one way or another and remember after all-

“It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward.”
With these lifted restrictions we are seeing increasing industries returning their usual work lives and regardless of your specific role within a company you will have many questions that remain unanswered for the time being and we are hoping the following points can assist with this.

  1. Furloughed status- There has been continuous speculation as to the dos and don'ts of this new government scheme and to be honest without this scheme many businesses both large and small would be in a very different financial position throughout these unprecedented times. The Chancellor Rishi Sunak has  recently announced a series of changes to the Government's furlough scheme which includes workers being able to go back part-time from July. This will not only allow businesses to bring back their employees for certain hours but this will continue the financial support from the central government- for further information on the furlough scheme visit :
  2. Feeling nervous to return to your office? - The simple answer to this anxious feeling is COMMUNICATION. In order to avoid uncertain feelings you simply must reach out to your employers and fellow colleagues as you can almost guarantee that the same thoughts have travelled through their minds too throughout this unique time. Companies throughout the country have been busy stocking up on supplies to ensure the safety of their employees is a priority as we return into the new norm and in addition workspaces like ours have been busy creating toured videos/safety guidance clips to assist in removing any anxiety from members who have only been working in within their homes four walls throughout lockdown.
  3. How will you get back into a working routine?- If you have been someone who has been working from home throughout lockdown subconsciously you will have created a new working routine and adapting to this back into the office world will be very simple so long as you remain organised and always forward plan. If however you are someone who has not been participating in any work throughout lockdown it will be a matter of preparing appropriately- writing to do lists, plans of action and getting into an important sleeping routine are all simple steps to getting back to what you once knew. If sleep is something that you have been struggling with throughout this time please do not hesitate to reach out to experts in this industry. We have a sleep specialist who hot desks throughout our four coworking spaces and she even featured on live television not so long ago! Her name is Sophie Bostock and for further information email [email protected]
  4. SPEAK UP- The sense of community is key and has always been at the core of our coworking spaces and if anything this should be stronger than ever!  Without one and others support, advice and networking some businesses may have never made it through these unprecedented times. If you have concerns about your personal health and safety due to lack of PPE or perhaps a financial concern it is key to use the business relationships you had built in the fast paced world we once knew and support each other.
There will be other questions and concerns raised in the up and coming days, weeks and months but we must remember to take each restriction lifted, each government announcement and instruction as it comes.


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