We have recently welcomed the lovely Heidi to our community here in Chichester and she could not have fitted in better if she tried! Heidi hot desks here in Chichester every week and enjoys the atmosphere we have created.
Heidi plays such a massive part in the community of Chichester and much further afield- so without further a do here is what she had to say:

In a couple of sentences, please describe your business?

So I wear a couple of hats – I have a waste reducing blog, social community and pop up shop, aimed at helping people to make more sustainable choices in their lives. I also run a marketing business which seeks to help small businesses make their most of their marketing activity. Alongside that I run a fundraising project at my daughter’s school to produce a magazine written by the children for the local community.

Who are your customers?
Small businesses struggling with their marketing, and people interested in living more sustainably.

How long have you been running your business?

Waste Not Want Not Living has been running for five years, and I have just launched Smile & Wave Marketing

What is your unique selling point?

For me it is all about making both waste reduction and marketing accessible to all - back to basics – we like to communicate with people at the appropriate level and engage them in the process.

Why have you chosen to work in a co-working community?

Because I have been working at home for nearly 10 years now and I find that spending time with people is great for the creative and motivational process.

What is the most important benefit to you of working from Freedom Works?

Total flexibility and the fact that it feels like a normal office in every other way.

Did this surprise you? 

Yes, I thought I would still feel like I was working alone, but in a different environment – Freedom Works feels like a proper place of work.

Who works in your team?

Just me, and my partner in waste, who founded Waste Not Want Not Living, but she has a full-time job as an environmental consultant, so it is down to me. In my marketing life, I have various companies I collaborate with in specialist areas, but again, it is just me!

What is your proudest achievement to date?

Definitely producing the magazine for the school – it has been amazing to see the children do more than they thought they could through working on this project, whilst also raising funds for the school. We have had amazing support from local business too who also see it as a valuable way of engaging with the school community.

Where do you see yourself and your business in 2-5 years time?

I would love to expand the school magazine idea to other schools, and I would love to be helping small businesses thrive through understanding how to maximise their marketing activities through smart planning and execution.

What inspires you?

My daughter as you would expect, but also those who actually get involved in causes they care about - it’s not good sitting back and complaining - you’ve got to get involved!

What or who motivates you?

I don’t know how not to be motivated – if there is something there that needs doing, I have to do it – it is just the way I am! I always want to do the best job!

Who is your business hero?

I am a huge fan of social enterprise, so I guess my business hero would be my old boss – a man who introduced me to the concept when he won a healthcare contract for a major prison. It was a brilliant idea way before its time, but it opened my eyes as to what is possible if you combine good business with social objectives.

How do you spend your spare time?

Reading and knitting – both big passions of mine!  I love a good film too!

What do you like most about Freedom Works?

The friendly and welcoming atmosphere in the heart of a city I absolutely adore!
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  • James Stanbridge
    James Stanbridge
    Chichester's Member of the Month...Heidi Lang

    Welcome Heidi! Looking forward to bumping into you in Chichester

  • Diana Morgan
    Diana Morgan
    Chichester's Member of the Month...Heidi Lang

    Hello Heidi! I'm an occasional hotdesker and would love to meet you. I run an eco-retail business http://bit.ly/ESBSshop2019 and we have other things in common too!

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