“You don’t have to make yourself miserable to be successful. It’s natural to look back and mythologize the long nights and manic moments of genius, but success isn’t about working hard, it’s about working smart.” ―Andrew Wilkinson, founder of MetaLab


This week we have decided to throw it back to our work-life balance blog from October last year -  and would you like to know why? Well, The new year inevitably is one of the busiest times for any business so what better time to remind everyone how you can get the right balance?


Here at Freedom Works we see businesses striving and working hard each and every day but we want to remind people that it is ok to leave your laptop here over the weekend every once in a while and just relax at home, spend time with your family and friends or just catch up on sleep from those restless nights. 


Let’s start by putting some statistics against this matter...did you know? 

According to a survey completed by CIPD

  • One in four UK workers overworks by ten hours a week or more.

  • More than half of UK workers (54%) work flexibly in some way, but there is still a lot of unmet demand.

  • Two in three workers (68%) would like to work flexibly in a way that is not currently available.


Are you one of these individuals who overworks by ten hours each week? If so, it is time to make a change and make some small adjustments that will allow you to step away from the desk more frequently and here are a few ways how:


1.Regular screen breaks are vital for stress relief and of course for relieving any strain on the eyes- If you are in a co-working community like our spaces this is also a great time to catch up with fellow co-workers on subjects away from business talk.


2.Planning key social events, holidays and breaks away in your diary will always give you something to look forward to- Whether you book up a simple meal with friends or holiday with family, having an event to look forward to will keep you striving for that end goal and allow you to distinguish between vital business time and social life.


3.Keeping hydrated and energised is so important to maintain a busy schedule without feeling fatigued- Here at Freedom Works we keep our cupboards stocked with tea, coffee, fruit, cereal and more to keep out members energised and focused not to mention our community shared lunches and social coffee catch ups. Fuelling your brain is vital for working smarter and more effectively regardless of the time frame you have to complete each individual task.


4.Reward yourself on a busy day whether this is some fresh air on a walk out of the office or a nice lunch- Each of our spaces are located centrally in business towns and cities which are surrounded by parks, shops and restaurants allowing all members to reach out into the wider communities in just a five minute walk.


5.  Set and stick to deadlines- The satisfaction of completing tasks on time is a great support for efficiency and extremely motivating. However it is key to set realistic deadlines as setting yourself an unrealistic goal can quickly become demotivating. It is vital that you reflect each day on the activities that you completed each day and schedule in any unattended tasks for the following day so you can leave your office with peace of mind that work is being handled.

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