I will let the lovely Lou and Charlotte of LOOKOUT take it away... 


Hello, we are Louise and Charlotte, the Co-Directors of LOOKOUT. We’re a new start-up (formed in Oct 2018) that celebrates and encourages creativity in the everyday lives of young people, local businesses and artists. We set the company up because we believe in the power of creativity to change people’s lives for the better, whether that’s in formal education, access to the creative industries, town-planning, healthcare or any other aspect of society.

We connect artists with young people and then connect them both with local businesses. Currently we are working with three primary schools and a sixth form college in Portslade and Hove. We offer the young people one to one mentoring and a chance to visit local creative businesses and develop creative ideas for an event held at The Old Market in Hove each year.

We work with people who might not necessarily have access to creativity in their everyday lives and celebrate to power of creative thinking. Louise and Charlotte are currently both very part-time and the 20 or so artists we work with are all freelancers. We are always looking for new partners to help us achieve our goals whether that’s businesses, schools and colleges and/or funders. 

We love working at Freedom Works because it gives us a chance to get out of our home offices (i.e dinner tables) and connect with a huge range of different local people. For example, we met a brilliant new mentor called Fern Berreen, a milliner who works at Freedom Works Hove when we were being shown around the space.

In five years’ time we hope to be running our artists development project in every school in Sussex and connecting with a range of national and international businesses and artists. In ten years’ time we’ll be in every school in every town and city in the UK.

We love hanging out on the seafront in Hove and particularly at Marrocco’s where the ice-cream is second to none (especially the peanut butter and banana flavour). We’re very inspired by the artists we work with who never cease to surprise us in their creativity, generosity and different ways of looking at the world!

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