"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." --Henry Ford

Welcome back to another Freedom Work’s blog and we hope last week’s blog inspired you to make a difference but if you happened to miss the blog it is never too late to catch up simply click here https://chichester.freedomworks.space/en/blog/read/1234407181/it-is-never-too-late-to-make-a-difference

This week’s blog will inform you of the many benefits of co-working and just how it can make a difference to either your own business or the business you represent.

You may be wondering just why would you choose to be a co-worker over working from your home? To be honest the benefits are limitless but we have gathered just some of the most popular benefits which members frequently mention to us to remind you why you should consider making that lifestyle change today...

1. Everyday is a chance to network:
By being part of a co-working space you have instantly been provided with many chances to network every single day within your very own office. Whether you are an occupier of an office in one of our four spaces or perhaps hot desk throughout all four, you are able to meet new faces which could lead to business partnerships that you may have not made in a separated and more secluded office arrangement. Regardless of the sector of work, size of the team or how long the company has been running there is always someone to go to for specialised knowledge and a useful contacts book.

2. No distractions:
Whether you are a mother with small children or a pet owner with several dogs, working at home inevitably leads to distractions throughout the day. From postman visits to unrelated work calls, a sense of focus can easily be lost when you are unable to settle with peace and quiet. One distraction has the potential to throw you off a whole afternoon worth of potential productive work time. Here at Freedom Works we understand that some people are simply unable to work the typical 9-5 so we have allowed 24/7 access for all office occupiers across all of our spaces allowing any free time to become distraction free and productive in a collaborative workspace.

3. Enhancing productivity:
As well as having key areas to work at from hot desking stations to individual offices and meeting rooms, we have communal spaces and areas where you can simply focus on the less formal tasks. This allows the time that you spend in either your personal office or hot desk more productive by allowing you to break into other spaces for a breather. An example of this would be the fantastic phone booths located in our Worthing space which allows members to step away from their perhaps fast paced offices into a more confidential space.

4. The chance to be creative and collaborate:
Inevitably a change of scenery opens up the mind to creativity and can stimulate fresh ideas that your home environment may not inspire. Meeting new faces from a wide variety of backgrounds can bring new perspectives and inspiration let alone bringing a new sense of confidence in the business world.

5. The power to distinguish between work and free time:
Our flexible opening hours and the unique services we offer allow people from all walks of life to easily separate home life from their work world. By working at home it is easy to work above and beyond the hours you would typically work in an office because you know you can. Having the ability to leave your laptop and various work materials in a safe and secured space combined with generous access hours you can distinguish between the two. Each of our spaces are located close to popular lunch spots, shops and leisure centres allowing our members to step outside and run errines without eating up their entire lunch breaks. For example one of our members in Chichester loves the fact that she can pop out and complete her personal training session in her lunch, freeing up her evenings for socialising.

What did our existing members have to say?

A Gatwick based member from Innowave Tech said: “This is by far the best office we have worked in, it has a real home from home feel with its relaxing atmosphere created by comfy sofas/armchairs and background music.”

A Chichester member from Soft Invest Technologies added: “Freedom Works is AWESOME! and believe me I have seen many business places in my professional life. While your business grows, you can upgrade accordingly.”

So what are you waiting for? Give a co-working space a go and discover your full potential in a collaborative environment.

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  • James Stanbridge
    James Stanbridge
    The battle between co-working and working from home…

    Thanks for this Yazz - you know how important I think this issue is, but great to have your insights and this article to refer to!

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