"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." -Mark Twain

In last week’s blog we welcomed in the new year and gave you all some top tips on how to get motivated and be the best possible version of yourself that you can be and today we are expanding on one of the very important tips…’Be kind and giving’

We see the adverts on our television screens, we see the posters in the train stations and we receive the emails asking to support and help those less fortunate so now it is time to stop and ask yourself, what am I doing to make a real difference this year?

Here at Freedom Works we strive ourselves on our true community spirit, collaboration and supporting businesses small and large and one element we are taking to the next level in 2020 is the support we reach out to charities.
As many may already know, each of our four co-working spaces has a chosen charity of the year and throughout the year our community managers host a variety of schemes, events and initiatives to raise as much money as they can for those who need vital support.

The Freedom Works 2020 charities are set to be announced through our social media very soon so keep an eye out but one incredible challenge that our Managing Director, Jon, is taking on this year is taking kindness to the very next level.

This September Jon will be taking on a trek to the top of Africa's largest mountain and the 4th highest topographic peak in the world - Mount Kilimanjaro in a bid to raise more than £5,500 for the Rocking Horse Appeal.
The Rocking Horse Appeal is a Sussex based charity which has for over 50 years been instrumental in delivering critical medical equipment and support for the sick children of Sussex.

Jon said: “Having met the team and learned a little more about the charity at the end of last year - it moved me to get off my backside and help raise some much needed cash for such a worthwhile cause.
“I would really appreciate it if you could help me get the ball rolling to smash our target and donate anything to my Just Giving Page.” - here: https://lnkd.in/gtu_tqY

We have decided to gather just a few little steps you can follow to make a difference as, after all, even the smallest gestures can make the biggest difference:

1.Reach out to charities in your community-
It is great to recognise those smaller charities in your very own local area whether these are charity shops or animal rescue centres, they desperately need more volunteers and donations.

2. Find out what charity support fellow colleagues are participating in- It is very likely that the people in the same office as you are gearing up for a charity challenge such as an abseil or marathon and it takes a simple sharing of a social media post or donation to support them. The brilliant part about being part of a collaborative co-working space like ours is that we can step out even into the hotdesking stations to spread the word on our charity missions.

3. Keep a focused mindset and perspective- You may hear this too often but it really is true that someone is always worse off than yourself so make it your job to bring that less fortunate person the joy that they have been needing.

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