Last week we gave you tips, tricks and statistics on networking meetings and groups but this week it is time for us to reveal some of our expertise when it comes to the powers of social media!

According to a survey from Statista,The United Kingdom was home to 45 million active social media users in 2019 and 39 million of those were active mobile social media users. This means that around 67% of the population of the UK use social media in their day to day life.

So, how can this benefit us as business people?

As the years have passed more platforms are being regularly used to reach out from a business point of view with the likes of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram being the most popular.

How do I use each platform to its full potential?
Every platform has it’s very own unique purpose for instance Instagram is a visual and creative way to share business news, offers and marketing strategies from an aesthetically pleasing point of view afterall a picture can say a million words right?
Whereas LinkedIn provides a more refined search engine for you to engage with the exact crowd in which you wish to link up with.
Both Facebook and Twitter have been upgraded over the years for business purposes and it is now simple to promote particular posts, share news and connect with others.

Here are some top tips to get your presence on social media known by other business professionals on a wide scale:

1. Build up a social presence over time:
The start to any social media journey is of course following/adding the right type of people you want to network with. It is vital to build this network up over time, for instance start with friends, family, community members and reach out further and wider over time. Ask yourself who is in a position to help you advance your business? It is key to keep an eye on which platforms competitors are most active on.

2. Post varied and engaging content:
Similarly to our purpose here at Freedom Works, the goal is to gather a community of like-minded people who interact with you and share your content with their networks. Examples of content include how-to videos, blog posts, surveys, contests, industry and market insights, white papers and eBooks. Keep your writing concise and reader-friendly, with short sentences and paragraphs. Avoid technical and marketing jargon.
You should not only post on your own pages, but also engage with people on other social pages by commenting on and sharing content.

3. Adopting the right tone:
Being proud is one thing and bragging is another. In the business world it is key to share successes but also listen to the successes of others. Writing each post with the correct tone will make you relatable and liked by other businesses around you. Self promotion can be highly off-putting on social media and it is key to get an even balance of pride and reflection.

4.Quality over quantity:
Focus on the quality of each individual social interaction, not your number of followers. Developing your number of followers will only be possible if people like and share your content for others to see.
People want to relate to what you post so make sure you are truthful, to the point and versatile to a variety of professions.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about social media from a business and networking perspective.
Keep an eye out for next week's blog which is of course the final of our four week networking series...

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