Here at Freedom Works, we believe that two of the most vital tools to running any successful business is being in the right state of mind and having clear focus. A major factor in ensuring these tools are in place is having a clean and clear work environment to work in, after all a clean space can clear your mind.
It is far too easy to be distracted when your work space is surrounded by mess, unnecessary equipment and used mugs and cutlery. Simply by taking a two minute screen break to the rubbish bin can clear up a little more head space to focus on the ultimate tasks at hand.

We have adapted each of our four spaces to be as minimalistic as they can to allow all visitors, office members, hot deskers and even our own staff teams to work efficiently and effectively regardless of the amount of time they may have spare for a particular task.

We have gathered some top tips to ensure that you are keeping your desk spaces as decluttered as possible and they are as follows:

1. Daily clear outs- If you are having a particularly busy day and you have left many things on your desk simply have a clear out at the end of your last working hour. By simply taking 5 minutes out to do this, you will have set yourself up ready to be productive with a clear head for the following day. In each of our spaces, our communal areas all have a recycling and waste system to make clearing things out that bit easier.

2. Avoid eating at your desk-
It can be very tempting to snack away at your desk as you may feel guilty leaving your workstation when there is so much to do but everybody needs at least two or three screen breaks from their desk a day. Across our spaces we have inviting communal spaces with plenty of space to sit with a sandwich and chat to another co-working member. We do however understand that on strict deadlines you are left with little choice but do try to make a conscious effort to do this as infrequently as possible.

3. Weekly cleans- Try to fit in a weekly or fortnightly clean of your keyboard, screens and desk area. Getting into a routine of doing this will inevitably lead to a more hygienic space for you to work in and also put your mind at rest from unnecessary mess such as dust particles and coffee cup stains. Every single Freedom Works space has a cleaner and we offer their services into all private office spaces for a deeper clean at an extra charge.

4. Organising your desktop-
Organising your emails, documents and downloads into clear, concise and separated files is something that should become second nature for any computer user. Too often important emails disappear in our inboxes and simply by  labelling folders and regularly keeping on top of which are needed and can be deleted, you can have a clearer outlook on what needs attention and what can wait.

5. Storage solutions- Simply having a 3 draw storage unit that can simple slip under your desk can create more space on your desk space without actually taking up any more room! A lot of people get very stressed when wiring is all criss crossed over their desks and a unit means you can either store away any unneeded IT equipment or alternatively use bands to organise your electricals. Every single private office in throughout our spaces has plenty of space and if available community managers will offer any additional storage if necessary.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
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