Too often we see adverts on how taking this diet supplement or that protein shake will make such a difference to your health when the truth is there are just a few simple tips which you can follow to lead a healthier lifestyle.
You may wonder what has this got to do with my work life? Well leading a healthy lifestyle outside of work is just as important as leading a healthy lifestyle in the workplace after all this is where you spend the majority of your time!

So how can you be healthy in the workplace?

1. Screen break snacks- Ensure you step away from you desk for just a 5 minute break to grab yourself a glass of water and a healthy refreshment. For example, in each of our Freedom Works spaces we have a variety of fruit on offer for all our members to enjoy throughout those days when you just need that boost of energy.

2. Prepare lunches the night before- We understand that some people do not have the time to prepare a three course lunch for their next working day but it really is simple to make a little extra at dinner to take in for the next day or chuck some healthy snacks together. The dangers of not preparing before work is that it can appear far too easy and convenient to grab yourself a rather unhealthy meal deal or snack from your local shop which can not only be unhealthy for your body but your wallet too! Every single one of our co-working spaces has plenty of cupboard spaces, fridges and utensils to allow every member and visitor the chance to store their lunches in a safe and cool place- why not get a few days ahead?

3. Getting those steps in- It is going to be harder for any office worker to get the recommended 10,000 steps in a day compared to a builder for instance working a heavy manual labour role but we can however use our lunch breaks whether they are longer or shorter to get fresh air which is great to reset our minds. By simply parking further away than you typically would allow those steps to add up and of course getting out of your office or hotdesking area and grabbing a glass of water from our communal space can make all the difference.

4. Better commuting to and from work- If there is an opportunity to get to work other than by car, why not take it? Riding your bike or walking to work has not only the obvious health benefits but also financial and environmental benefits. All of the Freedom Works spaces are extremely close to it’s town’s railway and bus stations and many of the spaces include bike storage for all members and visitors.

5. Shared lunches- Shared lunches have so many benefits for businesses and we have the evidence ourselves to confirm that as well as being  a great opportunity to try new, healthy and exotics snacks, they also have proven to be a fantastic way to network with those around you. We try to host at least one shared lunch in each of our spaces a month and it is so great to see people enjoying new foods whilst socialising and with our different themes we can ensure something different is always at the table.

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