Here at Freedom Works we believe that no two people have the exact same sources of motivation, but it is sharing these ways with each other that allows you to grow and succeed in every part of your life.

Inevitably we all have days where our beds seem comfier than ever and hard to get out of, or our gym seems further away than it realistically is, but you have to remind yourself that life can be a rollacoaster and it is ok to be more motivated one day than another.

One topic which is always very hot with both new and existing Freedom Works members is the immediate difference they notice in their motivation: from either working from home, or what is often described as a more remote and sometimes lonely leased office, compared to joining one of our four vibrant spaces.
By being based in a co-working environment rather than a remote location you have a level of structure, less distractions and the positive support of other businesses around you.

Below we have just 5 key tips to keep motivated:

1.Plan out each and every day when you arrive at work- whether this is writing a ‘to do list’ or just keeping up with your day to day diary.

2..Reward yourself after a tough task/day- even if this reward is treating yourself to something nice from the local bakery or buying yourself that top you've had your eye on for weeks!

3.Always have a social event or holiday booked in advance - too often people say ‘well, what if you cannot financially justify this?’ If this is the case, then simply book a lunch time catch up coffee with a friend for the end of the week! This way no matter how challenging a day may seem, you will push through it as you have something to look forward to.

4.Catching those zzz’s - there are studies upon studies out there that prove how healthy getting enough sleep is both for your physical, emotional and mental health is so important. A lack of sleep can leave you distracted and dreading the day ahead, which will always lead to a day of slow motivation.

5.Keep up with your hobbies/out of work time- whether it is going to the gym, riding your bike or paying a visit to the cinema, it is vital to allow yourself some leisure time. Stepping away from your work and relaxing will allow your mind to rest and re-motivate for the next day!

We found a really interesting piece of research on which informs you of ways to get back up when you feel you’re in a slump...

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