"Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life' - a quote by Dolly Parton............are you guilty of this?

From time to time we need to snap back into reality and remind ourselves that we only get one go on this planet and let's make it a good one.

Inevitably we all get hit with busy weeks where taking even a day out from work seems virtually impossible but even if you step out of your office for just 10 minutes you will notice a key difference to your focus.

Here at Freedom Works, every single member across our spaces in Chichester, Hove, Gatwick and Worthing is always more than welcome to wind down for however long they need in our generous communal spaces - just refreshing yourself with a cup of tea/coffee and a magazine can make a world of difference.  We actively encourage members to take some time out to join us for our monthly Shared Community Lunches and to kick off the weekend by enjoying a Free Beer Friday......a chance to meet like minded individuals and build your social and business networks.  There are plenty of opportunities to network and attend workshops and seminars and this is all included in our membership packages.  Additionally, by working in our coworking spaces in Sussex, you have the opportunity to work within a professional community close to home, reducing that long commute.

If you are somebody who rarely gets a day off from your line of work, remember to allow yourself the odd plan free day which will give you that vital time to re-energise and remove any stressful situations from your mind. If you are somebody who simply cannot leave work alone, then write down a ‘plan of attack’ for the next day you return to work.

Here are our top tips to give you  that work/life balance:

1.   Take regular screen breaks are vital for stress relief and, of course, for relieving any strain on the eyes.

2.   Plan key social events, holidays and breaks away in your diary to give you something to look forward to.

3.   Keep hydrated and energised as this is so important to maintain a busy schedule without feeling fatigued.

4.   Reward yourself on a busy day whether this is some fresh air on a walk out of the office or a nice lunch.

A report from Jonny Gifford at Employment Studies revealed:

‘Over recent years, demographic changes, a more diverse workforce, business imperatives and government policy have all been driving work‐life balance up the agenda. Individuals increasingly expect to have the time and energy outside work to pursue interests, manage other responsibilities and generally lead a healthy, balanced life.
At the same time, 11 per cent of UK employees now work over 48 hours a week, an increase over the last decade and more than any other EU country.’
To study more on this report visit: https://www.employment-studies.co.uk/system/files/resources/files/op13.pdf

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